Practice Management Philosophy

Maine Attorney Wayne FooteThe bulk of our practice is focused in one area — Operating Under the Influence (OUI, typically referred to on this website as DUI) – versus having mediocre experience in all areas of the law. Although this limits the types of cases we take, it assures our clients of the best possible defense.

Even the number of DUI cases we take is limited. In fact, Attorney Foote agrees to take on only about one in five cases!

With his many years of courtroom experience in Bangor, Maine, and a good part of the state, Mr. Foote can predict how judges will rule with a high degree of accuracy.

Truth is, not all DUI offenses can achieve a favorable outcome, so not all defendants should hire attorneys.

Our ethics dictate that we will take your case only if we have good reason to believe you can benefit from hiring a lawyer.

Benefit From Our Undivided Attention

Because we take so few cases, we can allocate more time and thoroughly investigate each case.

For example, unlike many law firms, our office will obtain:

  • your police report
  • all videos associated with your arrest (even if the police department doesn’t want to give them to us)
  • the records of both of the arresting officer and the officer who performed the Intoxilyzer 5000 breath test
  • your Intoxilyzer machine records (Trained to USDOT standards as an Intoxilyzer Maintenance Technician and Operator, Attorney Foote he knows exactly how to analyze its records)

What’s more, we can bring in the best experts available – pharmacologists, toxicologist, accident re-constructionists and scientists.

We review all areas of the law that are involved. Some OUI cases have constitutional law issues, others have scientific issues, some have medical or procedural issues. We examine all these different areas for potential defenses to a case.

We have copies of all the manuals being taught at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and are often able to show that officers did not follow procedure when conducting field sobriety tests.

In short, we will handle your case as if we were the defendants. We know that your personal and business life can be seriously impacted. Our sensitivity to your rights and needs ensures that you can anticipate the greatest degree of respect and dedication you deserve.

Let Us Assess Your DUI Case

Your DUI (OUI) case will be evaluated personally by Attorney Foote during a free case review (up to one hour) after you complete a detailed questionnaire.

If you choose to retain us, be aware that an OUI case can take two years to complete through the Maine Criminal Justice System.

While there is no limit to how long we will battle the legal system on your behalf, there is a limit on what you will be charged. Because case lengths vary, we offer a fair, flat fee based on our experience with defending OUI cases. No matter how long your case takes to resolve, we will not ask you for additional fees.

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