Wayne Foote: Maine’s Strong, Experienced
Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Maine, you need strong, effective criminal defense representation.

Bangor Criminal Defense Attorney Wayne Foote provides disciplined, dedicated, knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense for persons facing Federal or state charges in the District, Superior or Federal courts of Maine.

A criminal conviction is a serious matter that can adversely impact you now and in the future. Here are the federal and state gun and drug laws currently in place:

Attorney Foote will work tenaciously on your behalf to protect your rights, preserve your freedom, present an aggressive defense and obtain the best possible legal outcome.

Disciplined and Aggressive Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney Wayne Foote will evaluate the charges against you, explain your legal options, and discuss potential legal strategies for your defense.

Attorney Foote will investigate all relevant factors in your case and look for a basis on which the consequences can be minimized or avoided altogether. He has extensive experience in negotiating for reduced charges and alternative sentencing options.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Will Fight For You

Defense attorney Foote is respectful, responsive, professional and knowledgeable – as well as dedicated to protecting your rights in defending your criminal case. He is compassionate and responsive as well as hardworking and zealous in the pursuit of positive outcomes for his clients.

Defense Lawyer Foote’s knowledge of the judicial process and his respect for his clients is evident in all his work.

Attorney Foote is a nationally renowned figure in the criminal defense community and a true champion of the rights of criminal defendants. He is one of the few criminal defense attorneys in Maine who understands the science necessary to challenge criminal cases successfully.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Federal or State court in Maine, turn to one of the state’s most highly acclaimed, experienced criminal defense attorneys – Wayne Foote, Esq.

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